Tuesday, 23 March 2010

All-weather outdoor clothing for spring!

We've been very busy unpacking our large spring delivery from Didriksons and feasting our eyes on the vibrant colours! We're very excited about the new versions of the ever popular all-weather coats, which are funkier than ever. These versatile jackets are traditional spring coats in Scandinavia, however in the somewhat milder British climate they are ideal for outdoor wear all year round.

Fully waterproof, they make comfortable rain coats and shell jackets in spring, summer and autumn, and with a warm fleece underneath they also work well in winter. They are designed as part of the spring collection; we do our best to get enough in to last through the autumn and winter, but inevitably the most popular sizes tend to sell out so it's a good idea to plan ahead and buy generously sized in spring so that it will last through next year. New for this season is that the red/arctic blue coat is available up to age 10 years.

Also new to us for this season is the lined microfleece jacket, which comes in two lovely colour combinations: wild green stripes with contrasting details in red, and soft red stripes with piping and details in navy. We love that they are cut lower at the back to warm little bottoms! With a nylon mesh lining, they work great as a light jacket on a cool but dry day, or as a warm layer under a shell coat in winter.

In the waterproofs section, we're excited to add a brand new colour for 2010 to our vibrant range of 2-piece rain suits: purple/deep purple, which turns out to work just as well on boys as on girls and is already flying off the shelves.

The ever popular pink/fuchsia is now also back in stock, as is the stylish girls' rain coat with dots, and now in a new colour as well: mint dots. The rain coat is available in sizes up to 12 years, and last year sizes 8, 10 and 12 years sold out particularly quickly.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring coat for all weather...

Spring is definitely on its way, but we wanted to share one last(?) snowy picture for this season, all the way from Aberdeenshire! We think Sean looks great in his spring coat, and very funky colour contrasts with his trike too!

Thank you Rebecca for sharing, and please keep them coming!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Testing our ski gear!

We were very lucky to be able to take our VikingBoys skiing for the first time last week and really tested our snow outfits to the max. It wasn't too cold, less than 5° below zero, and we found that most of the time we didn't need our fleeces under the ski coat or snowsuit coverall - thermal underwear and a rollneck cotton jumper was usually enough. The one day when it snowed (see bottom right photo), a microfleece jacket over the thermals was ideal.

The microfleece balaclava was perfect under the ski helmets, keeping necks and chins warm without any need for dangly scarves.

We had a lot of fun in the snow and would love to try it again!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ice hockey star in the making!

We were thrilled to get these pictures of 6-year-old Patrik playing ice hockey in his waterproof winter salopettes - all the way from the Czech republic!

Big thanks to proud auntie Petra for sharing.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

VikingKids weather

So how are we at VikingKids making the most of the snow? First things first, unlike much of the country it seems, we weren't snowed in today so were able to make it to our stock room and all orders were shipped as scheduled. As you can imagine we're very busy!

The winter range is selling out fast, however we still have our cosy, fully waterproof winter coats in a selection of colours in most sizes, with winter salopettes in the same material also still available in most sizes. The hugely popular pompom hats went fast, but we still have a small number of purple hats in the 1-year and 6-year sizes. The black winter hat is also still available in the 1-year-size - there is nothing to beat this incredibly soft, warm hat for snugness! The lovely microfleece cap by Nanook is still available in all sizes.

The all-in-one snowsuit has now sold out, as have the winter gloves. We still have a small number of the baby snowsuit in the smallest size, 60 cm, which is actually plenty big enough for most 6-7-month olds, and the ever-popular fleece overall is back in stock in all colours and sizes. The waterproof mittens have temporarily sold out in the 2- and 4-year sizes but will be back again next month.

We did have the opportunity to make the obligatory snow man today, kitted out in our full winter outfits. Note the "hair" devised following the 5-year-old's insistence that a hat wouldn't be creative enough...

Exhausted by a morning building snowmen in preschool and an afternoon of snowball fights in the park, the 3-year-old decided to take a nap, protected by the comfort of his snowsuit and not the slightest bit worried by the snow falling ever heavier around (and on!) him.

We ended the day in traditional Swedish fashion by building a snowball lantern - just like my own childhood!

Snow play!

Seems like most of the UK (and much of the rest of Europe) is having real Viking weather! We hope that you're staying safe, warm and dry and that you're enjoying the snow, just like these young customers.

Alex (left) is clearly delighted with his snow day in his Swedish rain set - what a gorgeous smile! Thank you Corinne for sharing.

Shih-Chi sent us this fun picture of her two boys testing their waterproof dungarees to the limit - thank you so much.

Harry, in Hertfordshire, is equipped for anything with his winter coat, waterproof overtrousers and mittens all supplied by VikingKids - we have to admit that we like the hat and scarf too!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Winter clothing for ice skating

Our Viking boys hugely enjoyed ice skating in Hampton Court in their ski suit and all-in-one snowsuit which kept them nice and dry!